Sound Jars

Sound Jars

A collection of unique glass jars, each containing a sound encapsulating the ambience of a specific word, designed to enrich and provoke directions of thought.


The Sound Jar provides a vessel for a captured sound to be held and stored within a glass jar. The sound is preserved and will stay locked up inside the boundaries of the jar walls until the stopper is unplugged, releasing it into the atmosphere. Inhabiting the seemingly empty space within each jar is a unique sound designed to encapsulate the ambience of a word. Unplug the stopper of the jar of ‘Anticipation’ or release a measure of ‘Calm’. Opening a Sound Jar is like opening and spilling a vibrant tin of paint, let the contents of the chosen jar flow, enriching and provoking specific directions of thought and idea generation. Collect favourite jars and store them somewhere safe within easy reach for when inspiration is called upon.

Lauren Robertson and Tanya Marshall, DJCAD, The University of Dundee.


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