Sound Effects

Originally, our concept of capturing and storing a sound led us to thinking of places and environments where moments in time could be captured. The Sound Jar would provide a vessel for the sound to be preserved, labeled and stored indefinitely or until the collector’s decision to release it. Perhaps to share with another or to transfer into a multitude of similar Sound Jars.

However, deciding upon the type of sound you would want to keep in a jar on your shelf proved to be quite difficult.

So, as mentioned earlier, we started thinking of places and environments to capture. With this in mind we decided to combine another of our 20 ideas and incorporated gossip into our concept. We were quite fond of the idea of having a collection of little gossiping jars. So we headed to a local coffee shop and started recording…

Playing on the idea of entrapment, (as another option) we then thought of things people naturally trap in glass jars. Bugs and insects being high on the list of things captured in household jars…


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